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Guiding you through your transformational journey of self-discovery and deep personal growth


What True Transformation
Looks and Feels Like

Your whole life changes when you let go of the past, leaving space for who you really are, and want to become.

Let Melanie, Lotte, and Matt (former coachee's) inspire you with their own stories of personal transformation and evolution.


Meet Juan

I was this eager professional, full of ambition. I was growing fast in my career, creating the life I thought I wanted. But my health did not agree. I suddenly fell into a burn-out, which was soon followed by a quarter-life crisis that made me question my whole existence and the purpose of life.

One day, after a year of deep personal growth and soul-searching, in meditation I received a calling, my mission in life. It had no words, but it was as clear as water:

“You will dedicate your life to raise humanity’s consciousness.”

And so began my journey of transformation. A journey to discover the mysteries of body, mind, and soul. This journey has taken me around the world, learning the most effective ways to help people heal, reprogram themselves, thrive, and increase their impact on others.

Fast-forward 10 years, I find myself serving as a guide. Someone who accompanies you, who walks with you side-by-side in your own journey of self-discovery, personal transformation and evolution.

Let's connect and start a conversation... one that can change your life forever...


The Mind Canvas™ Model

After years of refining my transformational work, I've created the Mind Canvas, a revolutionary psychological model that is at the core of every client transformation, every program, every course, The Mind Canvas is a visual, intuitive interface to the human mind, that allows you to empower and transform yourself and those around you.


Is Your Mind Working For You?

Our minds are at the center of every experience we have. All of our happiness, wellbeing, and health... as well as all of our suffering, problems, and limitations, are created and maintained by our minds.

Discover how well you are using your mind’s potential for emotional freedom and personal power, by taking the Mind Resourcefulness Assessment (powered by the Mind Canvas model).


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  • The Mind Canvas: A visual, intuitive way to master your thoughts and emotions


    What Juan's Clients Are Saying



    • Life-changing 1-on-1's

    • Groups

    • E-learning

    • Workshops

    • Retreats

    Everyone is in a different place, that is why I provide different containers of support for your journey. From intensive 1-on-1's, to groups, e-learning, workshops, and retreats.

    Let's connect and discuss where you are, what you want, and how can I best support you on your own journey.


    Speaker Overview

    Have you had a TEDx Speaker on your event?

    Juan is an award-winning expert in mindset & behavior change, both in the personal sphere and in business. Whether you have a podcast or lead an organization, Juan will leave your audiences full of insights, motivation, confidence and tools to make a meaningful impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. He does this through his ability to connect, his powerful questioning, and his unique point of view.


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