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A Book Based on

True Transformational Work

Melanie & Lotte (clients) learned first hand the tools and principles that you'll find in the book.
Let them inspire you with their own stories of personal transformation and evolution.



Book Endorsements

In his book, The Mind Canvas, Juan Campoo offers readers a roadmap to attain the highest expression of your Soul’s purpose.

If you are ready to heal the past, master the present and step into your highest possible future, this book will provide the roadmap, filled with guidance and tools for a rewarding journey!

Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv

TedX Speaker, Author, Women’s Transformation Coach, 
Founder, Sacred Heart Alchemy

Book Endorsements

Juan is passion and pure energy bundled into physical form. That energy courses through the pages of this book. The Mind Canvas speaks to all levels of our inner world and it creates easy access-points for positive action and powerful transformation.

For the reader: May this book act as a red thread weaving your own past, present and future together for creating deeply fulfilling self-trust, powerful inner mastery and full ownership of your legacy.

Rebecca Roberts

Mindset Coach and Storyweaver

Founder of Inner Architecture

Book Endorsements

The Mind Canvas is both intuitive and pragmatic.

If you are serious about your personal growth, read and apply this book!

Peter Joosten MSc.

TEDx speaker, Biohacker, Future thinker


Hi, I am Juan Campoo

I was this eager professional, full of ambition. I was growing fast in my career, creating the life I thought I wanted. But my health did not agree. I suddenly fell into a burn-out, which was soon followed by a quarter-life crisis that made me question my whole existence and the purpose of life.

One day, after a year of deep personal growth and soul-searching, in meditation I received a calling, my mission in life. It had no words, but it was as clear as water:

“You will dedicate your life to raise humanity’s consciousness.”

And so began my journey of transformation. A journey to discover the mysteries of body, mind, and soul. This journey has taken me around the world, learning the most effective ways to help people heal, reprogram themselves, thrive, and increase their impact on others.

Fast-forward 10 years, I find myself serving as a guide. Someone who accompanies you, who walks with you side-by-side in your own journey of self-discovery, personal transformation and evolution.