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Discover how well you are using your mind’s potential for emotional freedom and personal power.
Soon after submitting your answers, you will receive your personalized report on your email inbox.

It should take you 10-15 minutes to complete the assessment.

What you’ll get...

In your personalized report, you will find:

  • Your Mind Resourcefulness score

  • How well you use your mind’s resources (memory, imagination, interpretation, etc

  • Your mental/emotional strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses

  • Your potential for personal mastery and empowerment

  • A personal development exercise to put your insights to work!

  • Extra resources for your development


Read each statement carefully and, in a conscious and honest way, answer the question:
“How true is this about me?”

Another good way to avoid some ‘blind spots’ you may have, is to ask yourself:
“How would my colleagues and friends answer this question for me?”

  • 1 means ‘Very untrue’

  • 2 means ‘Untrue’

  • 3 means ‘Neutral / I don’t know’

  • 4 means ‘True’

  • 5 means ‘Very true’

This applies to all sections of the assessment.