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Welcome Package

A special gift made with love, full of growth and wellbeing!

If you are here, you have joined me in my mission to raise humanity's consciousness, and started a long term partnership.
This gift you received is my way of thanking you and welcoming you into my evolutionary community! 

What's in the Package?

The Mind Canvas Book

A copy of my Amazon Best-Selling book ''The Mind Canvas: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Mastery".

This book is an important step in my mission of making psychology simple and intuitive, eradicating unnecessary suffering, and raising humanity's consciousness.

Mind Canvas Bookmark

An Empowering Bookmark

A complimentary bookmark based on the Mind Canvas book, with an inspirational quote and, most importantly, a useful summary of the essence of the book:

  • The ABC of Life model

  • The Mind Canvas model

  • The A.R.I.S.E. process for personal mastery

Silent Space Aroma Mist

Silent Space is a silencing and calming aroma mist, made by our partner Balancea with 100% natural and pure ingredients. It is made of carefully selected premium essential oils, blended to perfection to help you turn inwards for a moment of silence.

Spray around in the air when doing your morning and evening rituals included in your welcome package (see below). You can also use it for your meditation, yoga or relaxation practice, before bedtime or any other moment in need for some “me time”.

Silent Space Aroma Mist
Bracelet for Self-Awereness

A Reminder to Stay Conscious

This simple, stilish bracelet will serve as a trigger to remind you to stay aware of your inner-world, and to practice personal mastery. 

The 'A' stands for Awareness, which is the first step to personal mastery, since you cannot fight an enemy you cannot see. 'A' is also the first letter/step of the A.R.I.S.E. process explained below and in the book.

A Daily System to Develop Personal Mastery

We are normally too involved with our own thoughts and stories. We associate ourselves with our role in the movies of our lives, and we forget that we are also the directors. This makes it difficult to be (and stay) in control of our lives.

So we need a system that reminds us to stay conscious and to practice.
After a while, it will become a habit (a way of being). 


Morning Planting Ritual

Begin every morning with this ritual for self-programming and manifestation, designing how you want your day to be.

Spray your Silent Space mist around you before starting and turn inwards.


Personal Mastery Process

Use this 5-step process throughout the day to transform any negative emotion or thought pattern into learning and opportunity.

Every time you see your bracelet, let it remind you to be aware and A.R.I.S.E. 


Evening Harvesting Ritual

End every day with this ritual for learning, growth, and transformation. You will accellerate your personal development.

Spray your Silent Space mist around you before starting and turn inwards.

Mind Resourcefulness Course

This free e-course is a summary of the Mind Canvas book, and gives you a simple, intuitive way to see your mind and your life. 

Inside, you get to take a self-assessment (the Mind Resourcefulness Assessment), to gain insight into how well you are using your mind for emotional freedom and personal power.

Access Course

May our partnership be a fruitful one, and may we make a difference together! 

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