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The provisions of this section apply to all Agreements with Juan Campoo, unless and only insofar as not expressly deviated from in the following chapters.

Article 1. Definitions

1.        In these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are capitalised and have the following meaning unless a different meaning is given to them elsewhere in the Agreement and/or the General Terms and Conditions or if a different meaning unmistakeably ensues from the context:

Juan Campoo: the contractual other party to the Agreement with the Client and the user of these General Terms and Conditions as referred to in Section 6:231.b of the Dutch Civil Code [Burgerlijk Wetboek (BW)].

Client: the party who has issued the order for the work or who has performed the registration (on behalf of the Participant) and the contractual counterparty to the Agreement with the Contractor as referred to in Article 6:231 sub c of the Dutch Civil Code. If the Client has registered for themself, then the Client is also the “Participant”.

Participant: the natural person who has registered themselves or has been registered for Coaching by a Client. If the Participant has registered for themself, then the Participant is also the “Client”.

Consumer: the natural person who, when entering into an Agreement with Juan Campoo, is not acting in the exercise of their profession or as a business.

Buyer: the person who purchases one or more Products from Juan Campoo against payment.

Coach: the person who carries out the Coaching and coaches the Participant(s) on that basis.

Agreement: the Agreement between Juan Campoo and the Client on the basis of which Juan Campoo will perform work for the Client or on the basis of which use can be made of the Coaching Platform or on the basis of which Juan Campoo will deliver Products against payment by the Client, or a combination thereof.

Coaching: all coaching, training, courses, workshops and guidance in the field of personal development, discovery and change in the broadest sense of the word, as well as facilitating processes or meetings. Coaching can take place both offline and online and both individually and in a group.

Product: any item that is offered for sale by Juan Campoo and/or is delivered to the Client in the context of the Agreement.

Coaching platform: the content made available by Juan Campoo online or through an app, including coaching and training videos and information. Participants can access this content via the platform and make use of Online Coaching, as well as come into contact with other Participants, all this insofar as agreed.

Account: collection of data relating to a particular Participant, which data can be viewed and changed via the Coaching Platform after providing the corresponding login details.

Credentials: a combination of a username, e-mail address and password that can be used to access an Account.

Content: all messages, data, information, texts, sound and visual material, such as photos, video or music as well as other (digital) material.

Use: “use” refers to any use of the Coaching Platform, including but not limited to loading (uploading), saving (downloading), logging in, retrieving, consulting, reading, viewing, listening, editing, filling in (forms), sending, (temporarily) copy, store, forward, distribute, use services, follow links to other websites and perform legal acts (such as buying, booking or renting).

Subscription: the Agreement with regard to the continuous or periodic use of Coaching services and/or the Coaching Platform.

Subscription Fees: the monthly fee that the Client owes Juan Campoo for the continuous or periodic use of Coaching services and/or the Coaching Platform.

Parties: Juan Campoo and the Client jointly and individually as “Party”.

General Terms and Conditions: the provisions set out in this document.

2.        In these General Terms and Conditions, “written” also includes communication by email and digitally (e.g. via an online interface) provided the identity of the sender and integrity of the content are sufficiently established.

Article 2. Applicability and ranking

1.        These General Terms and Conditions apply to all quotations, offers Agreements, deliveries and activities of Juan Campoo, of whatever nature, as well as to the conclusion thereof unless all or part of that applicability is explicitly excluded in writing or if the Parties have explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.

2.        Any General Terms and Conditions of the Client of whatever nature are consequently explicitly excluded. Variations of and additions to these terms and conditions will be valid only insofar as Juan Campoo has explicitly accepted them in writing.

3.        If Juan Campoo, for shorter or longer periods of time, allows for deviations from these General Terms and Conditions, implicitly or otherwise, it will be without prejudice to its right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these terms and conditions. The Client cannot derive any rights from the way in which the Juan Campoo applies these terms and conditions.

4.        These terms and conditions also apply to all agreements with Juan Campoo, the execution of which requires the involvement of third parties.

5.        If one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or any other Agreement with Juan Campoo should conflict with a mandatory statutory provision or any applicable legal provision, the relevant provision will become void and is replaced with a legally permissible and comparable new provision to be formulated by the Juan Campoo.

6.        The Client with whom these terms and conditions were contracted on once, is expected to tacitly agree with the applicability of these terms and conditions to a subsequent Agreement to be concluded with Juan Campoo.

7.        In the event of a conflict between the contents of an Agreement concluded between the Client and the Juan Campoo and these General Terms and Conditions, the contents of the Agreement prevail.

8.        Juan Campoo reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms and conditions take effect at the announced time of their taking effect and also apply to Agreements already concluded. If no time of taking effect has been communicated, changes with respect to the Client will come into effect as soon as the change has been communicated to them.