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Ego, Soul, and our Purpose in Life

Join me and internationally renowned author, speaker, and thought leader on the evolution of consciousness, Richard Barrett, in this intimate conversation, as he explains his views on the life-defining question: "what are we here for, in this life, in this world?".

Learn about our evolutionary journey as human beings, as we increase our consciousness and become what we are destined for (and what the world needs us to be).

Uncovering the Power of your Mind

In this episode of Label Free Podcast, host Deanna Radulescu interviews Juan Campoo, as he shares about his journey from a non-sexy career in sales and business development in the mining industry to a personal mastery model that is changing lives around the world. He talks about how he started to explore consciousness and energy and eventually received a psychic calling that changed his career trajectory. Together, they discuss the importance of living label-free and the benefits of embracing personal mastery.

Journey to Freedom

In Journey to Freedom, we discuss Juan's journey to becoming a mindset & personal self care expert. From how he received his life-calling, to how to lead a life of freedom, healing, and purpose. 

Speaking Freedom TV hosts Life Coaching conversations about life, spiritual knowledge and insight...

Love & Light to ALL.

Your Life Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Juan Campoo is a renowned expert in personal and leadership development. With a long list of credentials including best-selling author, consultant, speaker, coach, and trainer, Juan has dedicated his life to helping people unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Juan shares valuable insights and practical tips on how to improve your communication skills, build stronger relationships, & enhance your overall effectiveness as a leader.

Arise From the Negatives

An unedited version of the Podcast, "I'm Still Here with TLC".

Have you ever wondered how to overcome some of lies we tell ourselves? How we can overcome negatives in our lives and more forward in a more empowered way?

Transformational Coach, Trainer & Speaker Juan Campoo, discusses his work "The Mind Canvas: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Mastery".

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Be Peace Africa promotes peacebuilding efforts in Africa. They focus on enhancing peace within local communities and cultivating ethical behavior among children, youth, parents, faith-based institutions, schools, and stakeholders.

Their goal is to promote peace at all levels and educate young people on good ethics and moral living.

Changing the World Through Comprehensive Consciousness

Webinar by Revitalist CEO Kathryn Walker and renowned thought influencer Richard Barrett, to discuss the need for increased access, awareness, and proven concepts that help empower and heal people.

The Canvas of your Mind

Alexander McDonell from GaiaThrive interviews Juan Campoo on the power of his Mind Canvas model to help people stop mental/emotional suffering, to empower themselves and to support them in their spiritual/consciousness journey.

Podcast Interviews

Unleash your Inner Champion

The Infinite Growth Podcast

In this episode, Juan Campoo shares his expert insights on how to transform your mindset and unlock your full potential in your personal and professional life.

The Infinite Growth Podcast aims to help you Discover practical strategies, gain valuable insights, and explore the tools needed to thrive in your personal and professional journey.

Personal Growth

The Aloönæ Show

In this episode, Juan talks about his works as a mindset & behavioral expert who developed a personal mastery model that is changing lives around the world, and we explore what a transformational journey could mean.

The Aloönæ Show is a hub for conversations on all topics you could think of. Technology, Movies, Celebs, Sports, spilling the tea and all that shiz.

Inner Alignment & Authentic living

Time to Change

He was told that if he didn’t change significant facets of his life, workplace stress and burnout would lead him vulnerable to a fatal stroke before the age of 40.

Juan’s ideas are filled with insights on how we too, can live in closer alignment with our values.

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