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Debrief Session

Personal Values Assessment

A 1-on-1 personal coaching session designed to help you get the most out your report from the Personal Values Assessment.

  • Get all your questions answered from your report

  • Get deep insights into your past & present challenges

  • Discover opportunities for your personal evolution 

  • Duration: 45-minutes

    Format: Virtual meeting

    Price: €150

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    About Juan Campoo

    Transformational Coach, Trainer & Speaker

    Juan is a seasoned behavioral expert, with a mission to stop unnecesary suffering and help people thrive mentally and emotionally.  

    In the last +10 years, he has coached, trained and taugh to more than 10.000 people, either 1-on-1, in groups, or through online courses.

    He is a Values Center certified consultant in Leadership & Cultural Transformation, fellow member of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values, ambassador and facilitator for the Humanity Awareness Initiative, and the creator of the Mind Canvas model for personal mastery. 

    Juan is also trained and certified in Training Design & Delivery, DISC, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching, NLP and Yoga, among others.


    What Juan's Clients Are Saying

    I went from a failing business and not getting a single job interview to a new marvelous job, a new house and a deep sense of peace and happiness only in 4 coaching sessions with Juan. He gives you the tools and empowerment for you to take ownership of your life and manage to get where you want to be. I highly recommend him and his coaching abilities.


    Manager, Argentina

    Having Juan as my coach has probably been one of the best decisions I made this year. I have learned to express myself better, to respect people more and to make others respect me. Juan has the ability to quickly and effectivelly find the core of a problem.


    Architect, Canada

    Within a few coaching sessions I accomplished what I couldn’t accomplish so far with psychologists. I feel a significant improvement in my life. I can control those negative impulses, my emotions and myself better, which has helped a lot in my social life. Juan knows how to awake what’s necessary in you so that you stop sabotaging yourself.



    Before coaching with Juan, I could not move, I was stuck and did not know how to get out of there. We detected what it was and worked it out. Everything changed completely. I could finally breathe calmly and feel good. All the stress was gone, I began to sleep better, to interact differently with me and with others and a sense of peace and quietness settled in my life and myself.



    I felt nummed about some feelings I couldn’t explain to myself and I couldn’t figure out what the actual problem was. In the most beautiful way Juan guided me through a magical process of self-realization. He gave me safety when I was most vulnerable. It was a great experience. Juan has a very beautiful way to see people and shows so much respect for them and their feelings.



    Thanks to Juan I was able to set my mind in the right direction and create great motivation and energy for myself, which I used to get the job of my dreams. It definitely changed my life. I now try to spread the positivity and peacefulness I learned from him. My relationship with others and with myself is much better. I am in control of my life now.


    Lawyer, Brazil

    I was not able to sleep at night. I was worried and overwhelmed with work duties. This caused an anxiety condition that was affecting my health and my mood. At first I was reluctant due to past experiences with coaches, but Juan surpassed all my expectations. I am a happy guy now!

    Juan Lopez

    Manager, Chile

    I used to be very negative and pull myself down. Now I see life in a different way. I can control my emotions better, solve problems and I also learned to know myself. Juan is a great coach. What he does is different, beautiful, healing… and it works!


    Juan has helped me open my mind and gain perspective. I used to feel tired, limited and nostalgic. Today I feel very different; with more options and an open mind. I learned to process my emotions and thoughts in a healthy way and developed self-confidence.


    In a few session with Juan we completely cured my phobia of swiming on deep water, which I had for 25+ years after a near-death experience. It worked! Right after, I was able to get in a deep swimming pool without any emotional reaction. I was then able to scuba dive in Cancun in open waters and enjoy the magic of the underwater world for the first time.


    Managing Director, Dubai

    I used to have a phobia that really freaked me out. We quickly found and altered the childhood memory that triggered it. I’m now able to confront it.

    Coaching by Juan can help everyone take control over their thinking and behaviour, making your life easier, happier and healthier. He even managed to help a sceptic like me!




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